Michael Ligier
Michael Ligier

lending club - overview

This project was intended to think about a redesign for the financial loans company Lending Club. I've always been interested in thinking about how the company's image could be different if it had a page that was simpler, more modern, and less cluttered. For this project, I went through some basic research of competitors before sketching out and mocking up some of the possible changes that could be made to the Lending Club homepage.

the old homepage (right)

Shown to the right was the current homepage at the time that I did this project. There were a few issues with the old design that I wanted to improve upon.


One of the first things I noticed when I looked at the page is that the actual content lives in a very narrow area in the center of the page. While a lot of companies do leave white space on either side of the content, Lending Club seems to have an excessive amount of space on either side, limiting the amount of space for meaningful content.


While putting all the info in boxes may be better for organizational purposes, the boxes themselves make the page look like it was put together piece by piece separately instead of feeling like one cohesive website.

Outdated Feel

Compared to competitors such as Prosper and SoFi, Lending Club's design feels outdated from the cartoon hero image to the inconsistent font choices and the overall look of the site. The colors also clash with one another and don't follow Lending Club's color scheme of red and blue very well either.

Cluttered Information

Quite possibly the most noticeable thing is that there is so much text on the page and all of it is situated so closely to other text and content that the page looks cluttered as a whole. There's no clear path for your eye to follow and it becomes difficult as a user.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 5.00.06 PM.png

moodboards and sketches

Before I began my redesign, I first created a quick moodboard on Pinterest with some ideas I had for art direction. I was looking for websites or designs that were simple, skewed more towards the minimalist side, and offered some nice contrast in colors to play around with. 

Additionally, I also came up with some sketches for what I thought different sections of the website should look like. As a result, I had a good idea of how I wanted the website to be implemented and what direction I would take my redesign in.


redesigned homepage

On the redesigned homepage, there are certain elements and colors that I used in order to bring a new feel to the Lending Club brand.

Same Content, Simpler Design

Much of the content that's on the page is the same as before. There is still a featured borrower, signup area, value proposition, and a walkthrough of how the product works. However, I've expanded the margins a bit from what it currently is in order to leave more whitespace between different elements.

Lending Club Blue and Red

The Lending Club logo uses a bright red and a dark blue which contrast quite nicely. However, the previous homepage didn't use the colors as effectively as they're used here. Blue is the primary color because it's a cool color and is typically associated with solidity and security while red is used for pops of color such as the title text in the hero image area and the labels in the last section.

Carousels to Display Info

What I noticed was that there were a lot of statistics that were advertised, however, there were too many numbers and it became difficult to understand all of the different statistics. Instead, I decided to display the information in a carousel format so that some basic info is displayed and if a user wants to see more, they can scroll to do so.

Larger Featured Borrower

Since Lending Club is a financial services business, trust is a huge factor. One of the reasons the featured borrower section is enlarged in this new design is because testimonials are an extremely effective way of establishing trust. By placing more testimonials in a larger way, the company can better establish trust with its customers.

A Hero Image for the Community

Finally, the hero image has been changed to highlight the diversity and number of users who use the platform. Rather than borrowers just being anonymous people, this establishes trust because real people use the platform from all backgrounds. Additionally, the mosaic of images scrolls in a video behind the main content to add a little bit of variety and to help make the Lending Club brand stand out a bit more.

Lending Club Animation.gif

larger-size screenshots